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wphaoynga's Journal

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you wish.
*bangsheadagainstkeyboard*, 3lw, 5ive, abs, always charley, anime, assless chaps, azul casa grande, back the fuck up, bearnicio, being latin only not, being lesbians, bp, british petroleum, caps lock, center stage, chanukah, charley speed, eminem, endorsing cock, eric, eyeliner, fuego, getting engaged, getting mugged, gopher, haaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!1111111, haaaaai gurlfrand, hating you openly, insomnia, inspecting stalls at lax, j, laughing at our immaturity, liam gallagher, like we care, liz phair, lmao lmao, lmaosob, lmfao, lncs, male models, maybe adrian, menorahs, milkshakes, move your feet, muse and inspiration, nats a cockblocker, nearly crashing cars, no cockies for you, not 7-11, not being violent, not getting high!, not you, o_o, oasis, oral sex, oral sex with eachother, post it notes, psycho ex boyfriends, rakim, rayjay, raymundo, richard marx, ritchie, sbs, scott, sean, shelly/shelley, skippy, sleep deprivation, so the fuck what, stealing slurpee machines, tacky journal colors, tacotacotaco, the 17th, the british, the squirrel!, the trev train, trips to taco bell, us, wwcd, xys a muff blocker, yarmulkes